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Be the Change in Network Marketing

The Secret Society is a group of Network Marketers who believe that there is a better way to market your business than messaging everyone you know or spamming all your friends. It is an underground society that is dedicated to building an Authentic Business, blessing more lives and creating profitable businesses without being a spammy weirdo.


For a limited time you can join the Secret Society of Network Marketers.

This is an INVITATION ONLY group of Networkers who are dedicated to being proof that you CAN grow your business on Social Media WITHOUT being spammy, messaging 20 people a day or making a list of 100.

Join the

Secret Society

Do you have what it takes to be an Authentic Influencer?

  • Bring Value to others, marketing shouldn't be about you. Its about helping others grow.

  • Increase Your Sales and Recruits, with a proven strategy for growing your business, team trainings and so much more.

  • Be The Change, learn how to market your business in an authentic way and change the face of Network Marketing.


You probably joined for MORE OPPORUTNITIES!

OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE MORE TIME and spend more time with you family and those you love.


OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE YOUR FINANCES  to pay off debt, to retire your husband, to make the income you always wanted to make.


OPPORTUNITY TO BE YOURSELF  and not have to be someone you aren't. To find a community of people who understand you and celebrate you.


OPPORTUNITY TO QUIT YOUR J.O.B. and do something really rewarding with your life where you can really make a difference.


OPPORTUNITY TO TRAVEL and see the world. The opportunity to share the wonders of the world with you children or spouse.


OPPORTUNITY TO LIVE LIFE ON YOUR OWN TERMS where you don't have people telling you what to do and when to do it.


OPPORTUNITY TO SHARE YOUR PRODUCT, the product that you love and have had such an amazing experience using.


like there NEEDS to be a better way to reach your goals FASTER!


    Cold reach outs just don't feel authentic and make you feel icky


    No one buys from you because your market is "saturated"


    You are consistent at posting on Social Media but nothing you do gives you results


    You feel like you are doing this alone and don't get the help you need


    You get recruits but they fall off quickly - you don't have a system for training


    You don't want to annoy people and know that personal branding is where it's at but don't know where to start

it's NOT your fault

Many Network Marketers don't have the support that they need or they are taught strategies that worked decades ago.


When you try to apply these old strategies to a digital world you come off spammy.


If any of this resonates with you, you are in the right place. You CAN be the change, change your business, change your life and the lives of others.


The Authentic Influencer Secret Society is made by Network Marketers for Network Marketers. We are dedicated to changing the face of Network Marketing by our actions.


We share our business opportunity and products by giving value to others. We don't focus on what we get, but what we can give.


Together we lift others through our business with our Social Media marketing, by following the Authentic Influencer Roadmap. We have a plan, we know where we are and we know where we are going. We know how we are going to reach out goals.



The Authentic Influencer Roadmap is the step by step system we follow to reach our goals, provide value to all that follow us and make the world a better place.


    The Foundation is the beginning of everything. By having a strong Entrepreneur Mindset you are able to face obstacles head on. Productivity helps you reach your goals in record time.


    Understanding the pieces in the Development Phase is critical to your success. This is where you learn how to talk about your product or opportunity in a way that isn't spammy, but is actually intriguing.


    Through Cultivation we are able to start building assets in our business that we will have forever along with connecting with those who want our products or opportunity.


    Growing a team and keeping them excited is  one of the most important things you can do, but also can be stressful. With the right systems you can give the support to your team, increase retention, and not be glued to your phone 24/7.


Authentic Influencer Secret Society is the most comprehensive collection of courses, trainings, and access to pdf's, handouts and swipe files. 

  • Course Access

    Get access to all of our mini courses, learn how to start an effective Facebook group, get 10,000 likes on your business page, how to have opportunity conversation and more! 

  • Bootcamp Recording

    Each month we do an in-depth training for our Authentic Influencer Marketing group. These trainings are only available for a few days and then archived into the Secret Society.

  • Monthly Trainings

    Each month Brooke will do a training in the EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group on one thing you can implement in your business each month.

  • Implementation Guide

    Each month we will be covering a new aspect of your business. You will receive a step by step guide each month on how to implement that into your business.

Nothing will change in your business unless you change your strategy…

What good is your Network Marketing or Direct Selling business if you can’t get customers or recruits? You have been following everything that your upline has told you, you post religiously on Facebook and use all the great marketing materials that your company gives you, but all you hear is crickets?


Sound familiar? This is an all to common story when it comes to MLMers. It seems like it doesn’t matter how hard you try you just can’t get ahead.

The good news…

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. The reason you aren’t having success is because you are using old school tactics that just plain don’t work anymore. You are being taught to be a Network Marketer instead of an Authentic Influencer!



Go through the courses and material on your own time at your own pace.



We teach you what is working in the market NOW! You get the latest in online marketing techniques.

NOT Spammy


Are you tired of reaching out to 20 people a day? So are we! We teach you to be authentic and NOT spammy.



By following Authentic Influencer Roadmap your business will skyrocket!

Join us before the time runs out!


Start changing your business and changing your life. BE THE CHANGE. With your Monthly Membership you will receive:

  • Access to the online portal with step by step trainings.
  • An EXCLUSIVE Facebook Community
  • Monthly Training Sessions
  • NEW Implementation Guide to help you implement everything into your business each month.
  • 25 Social Media Recipe Cards delivered each month to help you post authentically on social media


100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!


for Founding Members


Are you serious about growing your business?

Get Access to the Secret Society for an ENTIRE YEAR.

Get two months free with the Annual plan. Save over $150!


100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!


"19 people have reached out for more information (in less than 24 hours) from our new post!!!


...SO BLESSED to have found this program!"


"It has truly been a transformative experience working with you and your team. I am forever greatful for everything I have learned from all of you!"


"I've had 2 people reach out randomly today asking if they can do what I do. 1 is already a new team member and the other I will talk to tonight. I love the CLEAR effective way that I can easily teach my team."


Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

1. What if I have already taken courses in the past? How is this different?

  • Just taking courses doesn't necessarily mean that you have mastered the concepts. Implementing the things you have learning is what moves the dial in your business. That's where this is different. Each month we focus on one aspect of your business, give you the tools you need AND the way to implement it.

2. I'm new to Network Marketing, will this still work for me?

  • Absolutely! There is no better time to start than at the beginning. Being new to Network Marketing, you haven't learned the techniques that others are teaching that just don't work. You are at an advantage to start now before you have to unlearn bad habits.

3. I already have a team, I've been doing this for a while, would this still be beneficial?

  • From our experience leaders get to the top and sometimes have a hard time relaying how they did it to their teams. They show them what they did, but it doesn't seem to work. This process is designed to help everyone, no matter their level, to achieve their goals.

4. Feels like life is crazy right now. Should I wait for a better time?

  • How you choose to answer this question to yourself has more bearing on what your business will look like for you than any other single thing. This is the reason we walk through the course with you.


    The question is really, do you NEED this? What will life look like if you DON'T do it? Our most successful clients, the ones who gained the most, are the ones that had the most to lose. Even with mountains of debt and seemingly no time, these success stories pushed through it all.  Will you make another excuse, or will you take action?


Choose your investment option...



Start changing your business and changing your life. BE THE CHANGE. With your Monthly Membership you will receive:

  • Access to the online portal with step by step trainings.
  • An EXCLUSIVE Facebook Community
  • Monthly Training Sessions
  • NEW Implementation Guide to help you implement everything into your business each month.
  • 25 Social Media Recipe Cards delivered to you each month to help you post authentically on social media.



For those who are serious about changing their lives, get access for an entire year. BE THE CHANGE. With your Monthly Membership you will receive:

  • Access to the online portal with step by step trainings.
  • An EXCLUSIVE Facebook Community
  • Monthly Training Sessions
  • NEW Implementation Guide to help you implement everything into your business each month.
  • A whole year of Social Media Recipe cards to ensure you will get engagement and build influence on social media.

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