Build an Authentic Business

Master the skills in bringing value to your audience AND get compensated for your time and effort.

For the HEART-CENTERED Network Marketer!

What's Included?

Authentic Influencer Mastery is the most comprensive collection of courses, trainings, and access to pdf's, handouts and swipe files. 

  • Course Access

    Get access to all of our mini courses, learn how to start an effective Facebook group, get 10,000 likes on your business page, how to have opportunity conversation and more! 

  • Bootcamp Recording

    Each month we do an indepth training for our Authentic Influencer Marketing group. These trainings are only available for a few days and then archived into the Mastery group here.

  • The Vault

    Get access to all of Brooke's handouts, pdf's, swipe files, and all documents Brooke used to grow her Network Marketing business.

  • Implementation Guide

    Each month we will be covering a new aspect of your business. You will receive a step by step guide each month on how to implement that into your business.

Nothing will change in your business unless you change your strategy…

What good is your Network Marketing or Direct Selling business if you can’t get customers or recruits? You have been following everything that your upline has told you, you post religiously on Facebook and use all the great marketing materials that your company gives you, but all you hear is crickets?


Sound familiar? This is an all to common story when it comes to MLMers. It seems like it doesn’t matter how hard you try you just can’t get ahead.

The good news…

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. The reason you aren’t having success is because you are using old school tactics that just plain don’t work anymore. You are being taught to be a Network Marketer instead of an Authentic Influencer!



Go through the courses and material on your own time at your own pace.



We teach you what is working in the market NOW! You get the latest in online marketing techniques.

NOT Spammy


Are you tired of reaching out to 20 people a day? So are we! We teach you to be authentic and NOT spammy.



By following Authentic Influencer Mastery your business will skyrocket!

  • Your Foundation

    The most important thing to work on FIRST is between your ears . Your mindset is the most important thing to cultivate when building a successful business. Being a successful Authentic Influencer is 80% mindset and 20% what you actually do. So often we hear that FEAR is the thing that will stop you. FEAR of failure, FEAR of being spammy, FEAR of what other people think. When you have the right mindset these FEARS will subside and real progress can begin.

  • Team Management

    When you start getting recruits it’s important to know how to build your team the right way. Having the systems and trainings for your team is critical so people won’t get lost in the shuffle and will be trained the right way. Authentic Influencers know how to train their team for success.

  • Social Media

    There are right and WRONG ways to market on Social Media. When you become an Authentic Influencer you will know how to post on Social Media and NOT be spammy, you WON’T bug your friends and family AND you will actually be bringing VALUE to those you reach. There is a way to reach people that are looking for your exact products or opportunity and through Social Media you WILL attract those people with the right tools.

  • Business Tools

    The vault is open to all the business tools you need to be a successful Authentic Influencers. From the vault to the monthly implementation guide your business will be on track to reaching the rank you want, walking across the stage and even earning that CAR!

Authentic Influencer Mastery

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"19 people have reached out for more information (in less than 24 hours) from our new post!!!


...SO BLESSED to have found this program!"


"It has truly been a transformative experience working with you and your team. I am forever greatful for everything I have learned from all of you!"


"I've had 2 people reach out randomly today asking if they can do what I do. 1 is already a new team member and the other I will talk to tonight. I love the CLEAR effective way that I can easily teach my team."


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